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The Blue Tie

I wanted to arrive early, I didn’t but I arrived just before you did. I looked around but I was so nervous I really didn’t want to find you. I went in and order a hibiscus mint ice tea – as it happens you ordered the same thing -, then I sat outside and decided to . . .  Well, I’m not sure what I decided but I sat and waited and I sweated and got increasingly nervous..

Then I saw you, or maybe you saw me and you smiled and tilted your head.

And you laughed and looked out to the distance and told me about your dog and then you asked for my number but never texted me. Well, OK it was only two days ago. . .



The hum of the road, the stillness inside is just an illusion outside the winds rages on and the sun blazes in a soft blue sky. In the distance I see the red column, faint, is it red? I stare as I drive, may be the sun, a mirage, I don’t know.

The hours passed.I arrive at forest of metal and wind, they stand infinite and then I see it the helices slowly it seems and then . . .

The red dry clay, millions of particles ascend to the heavens in a tornado of red.

06.25.2015 2:03 pm SMT

Inconscientemente busco por Pandora una emisora con mas ritmo, si es es español mucho mejor. Estoy cansada pero aun me queda una media hora de trabajo y necesito un empujoncito. Aunque tengo los auriculares puestos escucho a  la gente de la oficina de fondo . . . Pereza si, hace mucho que no la oigo. Si quieres salimos a bailar. En un milisegundo esoy conduciento en Georgetown, cerca de mi antiguo apartamento con la luz del sol deslumbrandome.