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The night out

I had a dream today about my friend Maria “la loca”, we were out partying like we used to do when I lived in Spain. And just today, after I woke up, she sent me a message when I hadn’t heard from her for a long time.


Blind eyes

As many times before, I am in my grandmother’s kitchen in Spain. I have no eyes, but yet I can see. I look around and my grandmother has my eye in a ziplock sandwich bag. She insists that we should wash them with dish soap before putting them back in, I want to wash then with distilled water.

I walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror, I can see the inside of my skull. It was so weird I woke up with a start.


B in Spain

I had a dream last night and B was in it. 

Standing in the sun in my grandmother’s garden we said our good byes. We hugged, I had forgotten how tall he is and how he felt.

He said something to me, remarked on something but I cannot remember on what. We laughed.

Weird Things

Today a very weird thing happened as I rode the bus home from work today. When I was in college I used to go to this Spanish cafeteria called Las Torres, I used to go there with my best friend and a couple of other friends when I was in college. It seems so long ago and yet just yesterday, and it seems . . . so far, far away . . . I just remember it, all of a sudden.

I remember the wooden table and chairs, the dim lighting, the . . . was it an aquarium? It was the place to be, the place to see, the place, our place. I remembered it all of a sudden, and then I messaged my best friend. From long time ago, for far away across the sea, from an age were we ran barefoot on the sand.

And by a chance she, a million miles away in space and time, was just so driving in front of Las Torres.

Spain with American men in my dreams

I look up and the blue sky seems so far away, and the air it smells different, it smells . . . like Spain. Am I in Spain? I looked around and we are. And I say we because he is right there standing beside me, with a blue camp shirt and a khaki shorts laughing as I seldom seen him laugh.

We are in Spain and my very good friends, whom I miss dearly, call him by his name in Spanish. We drink and eat and have fun and  . . . I think we go to a wedding.  It seems a recurring dream of mine, going to weddings. Going to wedding with him.