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Cycling with R

It was a beautiful day in the city, as I looked around I saw the beautiful architecture, the luscious trees and the endless sky. Everything had a metallic sheen that reflected the sunlight with a strange vibrant quality.
I looked ahead and I saw him, R,  smiling and waiving at me. He had his hands on a bicycle, and to my surprise I was holding one too. We were going to ride through the city together, just the thought of it made me smile. Riding through a beautiful city with the wind on my face.

Often a bicycle appears in dream when you are trying to balance a number of situations an you are striving to get to a destination that you are trying to achieve your future objectives regarding love affairs. To fall off a bike indicates that you have misplaced situations.
This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation, you probably need to look at balance in your emotions and feelings when encountering a people.
Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The dream is enjoyable and did not involve an accident.
  • You were going on a relaxing bike ride.

Dreaming with butterflies

As I’m sitting in the sun a butterfly zips my way and hits me in the back of my head, it’s a surprisingly big thump for such a delicate light insect.

It is night and I am sitting in the sand, I hear the surf close by but I don’t see it. He is here too I can feel it, I don’t see his face but it is him I can feel his smile, although that doesn’t make any sense.

He is right here but I miss him so much it’s painful. He is standing right next to me but I still miss him. And then, there’s the butterfly, again.

A butterfly in the night.

Then I wake and it’s my cat begging for food.


In gray skies I dream my dreams,

Of love and loss, of days far gone.

In gray skies I feel the spirit,

Of a man so sad he is bound to laugh.

In gray skies a see a face,

Made of rain, warm bread and a calm smile.

In gray skies,

In rainy days,

A sunless earth full with life.

The Blue Tie

I wanted to arrive early, I didn’t but I arrived just before you did. I looked around but I was so nervous I really didn’t want to find you. I went in and order a hibiscus mint ice tea – as it happens you ordered the same thing -, then I sat outside and decided to . . .  Well, I’m not sure what I decided but I sat and waited and I sweated and got increasingly nervous..

Then I saw you, or maybe you saw me and you smiled and tilted your head.

And you laughed and looked out to the distance and told me about your dog and then you asked for my number but never texted me. Well, OK it was only two days ago. . .

I wave

I wave but not at you, but you don’t now this so you smile at me. That smile is seared in my mind, in my mind seared forever and ever with all your other thousand different smiles. Or maybe there are just variations of the same smile.
And then I’m up and I’m down, and I’m waiting and NOT  waiting, and doing things that I’m not supposed to and getting drunk and day dreaming and  . . .  Not sure of what I’m doing the rest of the time but it seems to be just in between. In between you, and you, and you again, and then not you.
I nearly miss my bus stop this morning, and I sighed while on the computer today, and I checked myself in the mirror a little bit too much. And there’s a million other things that I do, that I really don’t do, but now I do.
And I quote The Princess Bride and Firefly and, I  . . . think a lot about you and about not thinking about you. I feel contradictions and stomach aches, and I cry and cry and cry for no reason and I wish you wold do something romantic.
Other things too, that escape my mind right now, like . . .  like touching you once, was it your hand or your arm? And looking at your chest of all places, weird. And remembering you without your shirt the day at work when the air condition blew up.
And finally, I’m getting pretty weird generally speaking even more so than usual.