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In my dreams I am a lesbian

Over the years there are some places that recur in my dreams, one of those places is a little park from where I was born. This city park looks different in my dreams that it does in reality, but it my dreams is always the same.

Last night I was there with a woman, and we were about to have sex in the park. It was pitch black and the middle of the night so I don’t remember her face, only that she was taller than me.



If you are not a lesbian in your waking life, but dream that you are a lesbian, then it signifies a union with aspects of yourself. It is symbolic of self-love, self-acceptance, and passion. You are comfortable with your sexuality and femininity.


What is going on inside that heart of yours?
What is going on in that mind of yours?

You cooked for me, we watched a movie, we cuddled, drank wine and had sex. For goodness sake we had ice cream!
And then you turned colder than the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

I understand and respect that bachelor life that you can’t stop talking about,
I wonder who you are trying to convince? You or me?
What I don’t understand is what you do when it comes to me.

Now you’re hot and now you’re cold,
Now you are solicitous and kind, and now you are distant and so far away.

As my advice, you should have sex with someone who doesn’t care,
Who doesn’t care about you and then, they won’t get hurt.
As my advice, you should have sex with someone for whom you care,
Someone you care about and then, you won’t hurt them.

Friday night, again

Friday nights have the pesky custom of showing up every week, as I am single and alone in a new city with no friends close by it really annoys me!
Here I am again, sitting in front of my laptop, watching Netflix and eating popcorn out of a bag . . . En fin.
And to be true to myself I was thinking about men and how I have to chose more carefully. Let do a once over of my latests:
1. Ex husband who  . . . Actually, it was one Friday night when he call me to tell me the following “I don’t love you any more and I’m never coming home.” I don’t know what the hell was I thinking when I married him, truly I cannot recall . . .
2. Weird Bruce: So, he wanted to impregnate me one week and the next he had to . . . think about wanting to be with me????? Not quite sure what happened there but I suspect it was my conviction that I’m in charge of my own vagina, although I could be wrong.
3. Steve: This one is a tricky one. His ego is fed by his dysfunctional relationship with his ex (or whatever) and he doesn’t have balls enough. Unfortunately I do like the rest of him, especially that he can quote Iñigo Montoya.
4. Dani: Married and in Spain but still there somehow . . .
5. Max: The latest one and so far not the weirdnest one, but close. He has been in a relationship for 6 years, he loves her but flirts with me by text message. Let me clarify that he is also in different state and when we were in the same place at the same time he barely looked at me. So, I don’t quite get what’s going on.
The good thing is that either by my choice or theirs these men are no longer in my life. To eliminate them from my thoughts may prove a bit harder