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The Blue Tie

I wanted to arrive early, I didn’t but I arrived just before you did. I looked around but I was so nervous I really didn’t want to find you. I went in and order a hibiscus mint ice tea – as it happens you ordered the same thing -, then I sat outside and decided to . . .  Well, I’m not sure what I decided but I sat and waited and I sweated and got increasingly nervous..

Then I saw you, or maybe you saw me and you smiled and tilted your head.

And you laughed and looked out to the distance and told me about your dog and then you asked for my number but never texted me. Well, OK it was only two days ago. . .


Dreaming with . . .

I looked up and he was standing in the kitchen talking on the phone, but he was speaking in Spanish not English. He was holding his cell phone with the right hand and rubbing the back of his head with the left, he turned and he smiled at me as he did.

I thought that we might be roommates then, since it was my grandmother’s house, and he actually acted as if he lived there. He finished talking on the phone and started talking to me. Something about the kitchen or the bathroom . . . I don’t quite remember. What I do remember was his smile, the one he has when he is not quite laughing. He said he was going to take a shower – yes, we were definitely roommates.

He went into the bathroom and I went into my old room and . . . it was a total mess! And in that unusual, absolute and total mess I couldn’t find any clothes to wear. Finally, I got dressed and came out of my bedroom. I found him on the floor pushing open the front door with his back and with his legs. In reality that door is not quite that heavy.

I helped him open the door.


My laptop is dead, my tablet is also dead and blogging from my Windows phone is a pain. Hopefully by the end of the month I’ll have a new laptop and I’ll be up and running.

Three houses

There are three houses in a clearance in a forest. A forest that looks like the one they show on movies, movies that take place in the American South. I’m not sure if the American South actually looks like that. The air is thick, buzzing with the sounds of insects and the three houses are . . . in disrepair. There are one room houses, with wooden walls and wooden floors. They seem out of place, out of time, an anachronism.

I am going to a party, I have a coral dress, long, ethereal even, so unlike me. I never wear dresses. I never wear coral. I take out my phone before I leave, but  know he won’t come. I know this but I still text him. Then I go to the party. It’ll be only me.