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I am in love because:

  • He gives me Fuji apples
  • He puts raw veggies on my plate

I am in love because he is him and I am me.

And he repeats:

  • I don’t trust anyone.
  • I like to keep my life simple and not overanalyze things.
  • I am happy, just me and my cat.

And I wonder:

  • Why does he keep telling me this?
  • I don’t need convincing.
  • He needs convincing.


I walk through the darkness of my own feelings, guided by the hand of a man who . . . a man whom I don’t know. This realization comes slightly as a surprise, I don’t know him and our closeness has always been  . . . fragile.
I am not in love, I am not in love, I am not in love.
A mantra, my mantra.
Lost, confused, powerless. What can I do to regain my power

I love you

She lays in the dark beside him, with her arm around him. I love you She doesn’t say it, it will freak him out. The change has already started and she knows the end is coming, this won’t last much longer . . . Maybe she should say it, what is there to loose? Only him She thinks, but she’s already loosing him and he never belonged to her in the first place. What a terrible thought . . . to belong.
And then it happens. Something so big, something so small. It breaks for everything and for nothing.
It’s just his excuse.

But she never said it and he will never know.


I think James McAvoy is quite cute, but I always thought he was a bit on the soft side . . . Until I saw Welcome to the Punch on Netflix. The movie opens and he is in pursuit, and in one of the scenes he is running through a corridor with a gun. In that particular scene he is so hot!

So hot in fact that last night I dreamed of him. We were having awesome sex. It was late at night and it was raining, he knocked on my door and said: “It’s pouring, can I come in?” Of course I let him in. Strangely enough I seemed to know him, and his name in my dream was John.

Unfortunately a noise from my upstairs neighbor woke me up!