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In love

You cannot make someone love you.

You just have to let them go.

It is hard and it is painful.

There is only pain and darkness.


Slowly we come together, holding hands only in our minds and kissing in the shadows.
Slowly we see each other as we are, and accept maybe not only ourselves.
Slowly we strip and stand naked with our personalities exposed and raw.
Slowly we heal and understand.

We wait, we watch each other expecting the pain.
We wait for the darkness, we see it in the brightest light.
We wait for the deceit that never comes and the betrayal that lives only in our hearts and not each other’s.
We wait for the end, the doom, the proof that our pain is real and it’s not ours but each other’s.

I wonder why we don’t embrace the truth, the light and don’t let go of the shadow of pain that doesn’t exist.

I said it

I love you.

I said it, it won’t kill me because I said it.

Will you hear me? Will you understand me?

You, I love and I know.

I know the fear in your heart as it is in mine too.

Will you let go and say it?

I love you.


Death awaits us all,
Two options we have, that is all,

To let go or,

To tell the truth we carry hidden in our hearts like a secret treasure.

I haven’t decided which one to choose yet.

5 am in the morning

I read somewhere that one should stick to the decisions one makes at late hours of the night, i.e. at 5am. What usually happens is that come the morning things look different and we don’t trust that part of ourselves who lives at 5am. I believe that 5 am person is a truer self.
I will trust my truer, 5am self and disconnect from Bruce. It’ll be hard but I can’t go back to what ir was, you never can.