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Dear you

Dear you in the darkness, dear you at the razors edge, dear you with the dying heart.

Hear me and head me, or maybe not. In calmness and stillness I draw the blood myself.

The blood that drips and drops and slithers through me and over me. Red, slippery, coppery.

Life so small, so bright so red . . . My heart beat taking me away.

I feel the death, I feel the sting, I feel the fear.


Blinding in the light, and darknes. I sit very still, waiting to die. But I don’t.

Dear darkmes, I can not feel your hand in my throat. Gasping for air as you tighten your grip.

I want the pain, I want the blood, I want the warmth of your self inside me.

Drip, drip, drip . . . Red and red and black mad sharp. How sharp? So sharp I won’t feel a thing.

But I will feel it. I am numb.

I slide the razor through my arm, a thin red line. A thin. Red line.

The pulse slowly, slowly and then. Them the warmth of death and Dear You, my darkness. My darkness with your tongue between my legs.



Weird Dreams

All dreams are strange in one way or another, but last night was really out there, really . . .
I don’t have a clear recollection of events so much as a lasting impression of weirdness. I remember Spain, my friend Laura and her family, my coworkers – the new hires, well not so new  anymore – and of course, him.
Most of my dreams are about him now, well they are not about him but about me and my thoughts of him.
Him sitting in a white plastic chair on the garden, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, laughing, looking at me and smiling. Also, and here is the weirdest thing of them all he was making obscene gestures with his hand; followed by an explanation of how he used the expression “exotic kiss” to mean a fellatio.
I also remember his legs, his long, thin legs.

So, I’ll have to  . . . meditate on that last one.

Dust and Wind

And the morning came
And with it the moon
And the night left
And with it the sun
And the rain came
And the water burned like acid
Running down y back
Running down my legs
Making me aware
Of every single cell
In my body, in my face
Fire and ashes
Dust and wind.