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As I sit drinking my hibiscus tea I see couples coming and going, enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

As I sit barefoot in my worned Target t-shirt and wrinkled cotton pants I inwardly cringe at them.

The cool guys with fedoras, slick hair and matching lumberjack beards. The beautiful girls with flowing long hair and oh so fashionable boutique clothing and designer sandals.

When did this happened? I wonder. When did my relaxed no-give-a-shit town turn I to this pasarela?

But then, it’s not really my town; and this people have always existed here, there and everywhere; and really I’m being judgemental.

They made me want to not shower, and wear last year’s fashion – wrinkled – , and dye my hair purple and come in after a day at the beach treading sand and with salty and crazy hair.

Maybe I’m just  . . . Me.



My great grandmother always used to wear a small, Spanish style comb in her hair.

Last night I dream that I too, wore such a comb. I wear my hair short, but in my dream it was long and silver, and I comb through finally setting the comb on my right side.

To dream that you are combing, stroking or styling your hair suggests that you are taking on and evaluating a new idea, concept, outlook, or way of thinking. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight. A more literal interpretation suggests your concerns about your self-image and appearance.

To dream that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating on some plan or situation.

Dreaming that you have gray or white hair indicates that something important has just been made aware to you. It is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and insight.


I had a dream of blue skies and a soft wind. And my hair long and soft and flowing  in the breeze.

To dream that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating on some plan or situation.

To dream that the wind is blowing through your hair signifies freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are “letting your hair down”.



Sometimes I remember when I used to wake up at night, with the nightmare still fresh in my mind. With the fear making me cry for an already forgotten reason.

Then I would looked around me in the dark, hear you breathing. Just that sound would make me feel better.

Now, I remember the nightmares, I remember the fear, I remember the sound of your breathing at night what I don’t remember is the way you made me feel. 

Your voice, your touch, the smell of your shampoo because you went to bed with your hair wet. But the way you made me feel is gone. The reason for the way you made me feel is also gone.

I cannot remember why.

Naked Dreams

Absolute darkness surrounding me. Because it is me, a body, without a head, without legs below the knees . . . Well, not without, but it seems a bright light shines only onto my naked torso. It is me, my breasts, my belly, my genitals, naked in the light and then . . . long black silky hair starts growing from my chest. and I touch it and  . . . is smooth and long and weird. But for some reason I don’t feel it is weird. As I float in nothingness, naked, unable to see what surrounds me.

I have found that this dream has many interpretations, both positive and negative, which one, if any, its true would depend on my own feelings and associations with the dream. At this time these are unclear.