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Last night I dreamed that I went to Scotland with Anthony.

I remember we were the airport and I remember Anthony.

But as always my cats woke me up.


More Weird Dreams

In my first dream my sister was dead, but I had a second sister younger still. Her name was Elena and she looked exactly like my recently dream-deceased one.
In my second dream I was a fairy flying through a Victorian house full of wood paneling and winding stairs. It was Christmas night and everything was quiet and dark, like in a children’s book. Only the tree was alight.
In my third dream it was a dark night. A girl wanted to kill me and there was a moped chase through the streets of a housing area. I called the cops and learned how to fire a gun.
In my fourth dream he was there. We were in the yard of a house and he had a water hose in his hand. There were others there and he soaked everybody with it. I looked at him and said “Look at you, impecable as always. Impervious to water.” He smiled and walked mw home.

Demolished tower and someone else’s kid

Today I had 2 dreams, 2 very strange dreams. The first one was very long but I don’t remember it all and the second one was very short but I remember nearly all of it.
I remember escaping a great disaster, a nuclear war or an earthquake I’m not quite sure. I was with a man, Steve, and we were literally flying through the blue sky over a turquoise-green seemingly infinite ocean. The air was cool and we soared through sky together with his arms around my waist.
In the horizon I saw a big and solitary gray tower in the middle of a small island. As we approached I saw it was decaying and in ruins, also that it had been some type of military facility.
We landed on one of he top floors, empty and dilapidated. My mind then switched to my second dream.
On my second dream I was in South Dakota in a town that looked a lot like the one Nathan used to live in, on the eastern part of the state.
It was a bright day and the light was cool and crisp, with blue, clear skies (as in all my dreams of late). I was parked at a lonely gas station in an old white sedan.
I had spent all day with Beauwyn, Steve’s son which is exceedingly strange since I have never met him and haven’t been particularly thinking about him. I was at the gas station to meet his grandmother (Steve’s mother) and drop him off. I helped him get off the car, greeted his grandmother and got back in my car. As I was leaving Desiree arrived, she was wearing jeans and a white tank top and her hair was in a pony tail. As I have never met her appearance would be a construct of my mind. As I left she smiled and waved at me.


Paranoia overcomes me.
A strange feeling runs through my spine.
Today as I was browsing the web boringly, I came across an article about tips for nervous flyers. The photograph that opened the article featured an African-American man in his mid 30’s, with dreadlocks and glasses.
Now, this man is facing away from the camera so I cannot really say he looks like certain someone I know but, he comes really close.
His appearance and the the fact that that certain someone is afraid of flying…Well, what are the odds? (Oh, sorry he is not afraid of flying it just makes him nervous ).
So I stared at the article’s title and picture for a while trying to decide if  this is some type of cybernetic/cosmic sign, a cue for me to do something or a warning or….who the hell knows!?
Then, I remembered that I don’t believe in that kind of thing and that probably is the other way around; because I’m thinking about him I’m easily reminded of him.
But yes, the paranoia hit me quite suddenly!
Don’t let airplane jitters ground you: 10 tips for nervous flyers