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I stop myself, even when I don’t want to,
I try to speak but nothing comes out,
I get nervous, I sweat, I can’t think straight.
I am lost and I don’t know what to do.
I confront my fear, and my desires, every day,
They are one and the same.
But I am tired,
But I am hopeful,
But I truly don’t know how I’ll make it.
I’ll just keep dreaming.



Soooo, I was watching Bones on Netflix and my mind started wondering. I am not sure why or how but it came to rest upon him.
I tend to fall in love quite easily, I tend to let my imagination fly without restrain and see a future together, see the potential in us. Of course, is always a construct and, on occasion for a short time it can become a reality. But, in the past, until now, until him I would . . . My mind and my heart would wonder and imagine the future life of all that could be. But not with him.

With him I cannot envision a life together, I cannot see the potential that we could have, there are no thoughts of tomorrow or thoughts of a relationship or . . . There are no visions of the future with him. And yet he never leaves me, he never leaves my thoughts.

With him there are only thoughts of sex and conversations,
With him there are only thoughts of his smile and his voice,
With him there are only leaping hearts and flying butterflies.

When I close my eyes I see him smiling and . . . I feel . . .
I feel something I cannot describe, something that makes me smile, something that makes me  . . . different. Different because I don’t want dinner dates together and the possibility of a future, I don’t believe we are meant for each other, I . . . I just want to lay in his arms, maybe not forever but as much as I can and hear his voice softly talking to me.

I just want sex and conversation. Nothing more. But is so strange because I don’t think I love him but I could.

It is strange because is only sex, but more than sex, it’s what I feel.
Confusion, elation, joy, sadness, more confusion, lust, desire, desire to run either to him or away from him, fear, self-consciousness, lust, lust and the irrational desire to be near him.

The sound

I feel it slowly growing from the inside out, warming the tips of my fingers until the desire burns me.
I take her into my hands, run my  palm softly over her body in absolute bliss.
My guitar.
At last I strum its strings.
The first chord is . . . so . . .
It cannot be described.


And I have finally found the path,
that is to guide me,
and tonight love awaits me in your arms.
God knows that from every memory of your gaze,
desire burns within me,
but I have already rejected that poisonous fruit.
I am imprisoned in desire,
and I know an earthen tomb awaits me,
but no one has ever seen me cry like this.
A precious moment ended,
followed by vulgarity,
and I swim into the ocean, unable to swim back.
With you I am enslaved by desire.
And I swim in to the ocean,
and this time I don’t want to come back