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Cycling with R

It was a beautiful day in the city, as I looked around I saw the beautiful architecture, the luscious trees and the endless sky. Everything had a metallic sheen that reflected the sunlight with a strange vibrant quality.
I looked ahead and I saw him, R,  smiling and waiving at me. He had his hands on a bicycle, and to my surprise I was holding one too. We were going to ride through the city together, just the thought of it made me smile. Riding through a beautiful city with the wind on my face.

Often a bicycle appears in dream when you are trying to balance a number of situations an you are striving to get to a destination that you are trying to achieve your future objectives regarding love affairs. To fall off a bike indicates that you have misplaced situations.
This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation, you probably need to look at balance in your emotions and feelings when encountering a people.
Positive changes are afoot if…

  • The dream is enjoyable and did not involve an accident.
  • You were going on a relaxing bike ride.

I love you

She lays in the dark beside him, with her arm around him. I love you She doesn’t say it, it will freak him out. The change has already started and she knows the end is coming, this won’t last much longer . . . Maybe she should say it, what is there to loose? Only him She thinks, but she’s already loosing him and he never belonged to her in the first place. What a terrible thought . . . to belong.
And then it happens. Something so big, something so small. It breaks for everything and for nothing.
It’s just his excuse.

But she never said it and he will never know.

Without a start

I feel the change on you, I feel it now and I felt it then.
I feel the change in me too. The change . . . Different in me than in you, more dangerous in me than in you, more clear in me, to me.
I know where this change leads, I know where it will take me, but I don’t want to go there.
The path that leads me there goes through you, through you I want to go, with you I want to be, but where the path ends. . .
I know where it ends, it’s not an end it’s just a stop. A stop to the journey, but there is no journey since I agreed there wouldn’t be. Nonetheless I have traveled, but I remain in the same place, but I am not.
How it is that . . . ? There’s no journey, there’s no path just the end to it all.
Again and again what remains it’s the journey’s end. The end without a start, the end without a path, the end and nothing else but the end without a start.

B dreams

Today I had a three-part dream but B was in all of them.

People from my current office were in my dream, we were all in a big meeting room with a domed ceiling. It reminded me of the conference room in Corpus Christi that I went with Donnie. My supervisor wanted me to give a guided tour?

Then I came out into a courtyard full of students and full of light with my friends from university, Moi was there with one of his little girls and also my friend el Rubio. I remember hugging both of them.

In the third part of the dream I was in my old house in Spain, but the house was at the to pf a cliff or ravine. An old friend from school and a cousin with whom I don’t speak anymore where there. We were going to a concert and they were either going to wait fo rme to shower or meet me there after the concert, something like that.

In the middle of that I dreamed with B, he was telling me that he was going to New Zealand and I was lucky because i was going to take trips to Denver to see my friends. It was weird because he was smoking and he doesn’t smokes. He was talking o me in a whisper and so close to my ear.

In The Cards

It was in the cards, change is coming.
I feel it in the air, I feel it in the sea.
As I stand at the edge of the world with the swirling clouds above me.
As I stand at the edge of the world.
I see the horizon but nothing more.
The change is coming and I am in fear.
I chose to live without fear.
Self awareness.
Change is coming, it is in the cards.
But I see nothing.
The future doesn’t exist, only in our minds.
The past doesn’t exist, only in our memory.
Death’s gift: the death of the past so it would burden us no more.
The gift of Death.
The gift of Death is no fear.
I will go forth not without fear, but
Fear will not control me.