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I know I am to care, and I do.

I know I am to suffer, but I don’t.

I wait for the pain to come, I wait for the tears to flow, I wait for my soul to be tortured and my heart to be wretched but I feel nothing.

I feel nothing but the silence and the calmness that nothingness brings.

Nothingness and the care for someone who doesn’t care.

How can it be that if I care, I feel nothing?


What is going on inside that heart of yours?
What is going on in that mind of yours?

You cooked for me, we watched a movie, we cuddled, drank wine and had sex. For goodness sake we had ice cream!
And then you turned colder than the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

I understand and respect that bachelor life that you can’t stop talking about,
I wonder who you are trying to convince? You or me?
What I don’t understand is what you do when it comes to me.

Now you’re hot and now you’re cold,
Now you are solicitous and kind, and now you are distant and so far away.

As my advice, you should have sex with someone who doesn’t care,
Who doesn’t care about you and then, they won’t get hurt.
As my advice, you should have sex with someone for whom you care,
Someone you care about and then, you won’t hurt them.

The weird one

And I told him what you did,

And I told him what you didn’t say,

And I laugh,

And I pretended not to care.

He is a weird one, isn’t he?

A prayer for your love

A prayer for your love,
A song for your heart,
A poem for your soul.

If you belong to me I will always love you,
If you give yourself to me I will always care for you,
If you give me your love my life will be yours.

My life I would give to you if you didn’t already have it,
My heart I would give to you if it wasn’t already yours,
My soul is all that remains, do you want it?

Release me from the pain of my yearning heart,
Save me from my sleepless nights of unrequited love,
Deliver me from my loveless existence.

Love me, just love me and my entire being will b yours forever.