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Weird dreams and where to find them

I suppose you will find dreams inside your heart and inside your mind.

I dreamed it was night and I was wearing a dark blue nightgown, so unlike me. I dreamed that in the night there was a man, white, tall, muscled and with soft brown wavy hair. He was wearing dark blue pajama pants.

I couldn’t see his face in the darkness of the bedroom, a strange bedroom, our bedroom, but I knew who he was, my significant other. What was his name? What did he looked like?


I had a dream of blue skies and a soft wind. And my hair long and soft and flowing  in the breeze.

To dream that you have long hair indicates that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating on some plan or situation.

To dream that the wind is blowing through your hair signifies freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are “letting your hair down”.


Two dreams

The first dream,

A white expanse of perfectly square blocks of rock. Different sizes, connected through ramps and staircases but all impeccably white, exactly white, without a spec of any other color. And a sky so high and blue, so far away a cool, so absolutely clear.
The three of us scape from the school, we wear our uniforms, ne the ridiculous plaid skirt and they V-necks and ties, we ran . . . no we are on skateboards? One big skateboard, with the three of us on top. Flying over the whiteness and square-ness of it all, laughing our triumphant escape.
And to be totally honest, I had never actually looked as good in my uniform in real life.

Second dream,

Ben is driving a bus, and I am inside it.


Spain with American men in my dreams

I look up and the blue sky seems so far away, and the air it smells different, it smells . . . like Spain. Am I in Spain? I looked around and we are. And I say we because he is right there standing beside me, with a blue camp shirt and a khaki shorts laughing as I seldom seen him laugh.

We are in Spain and my very good friends, whom I miss dearly, call him by his name in Spanish. We drink and eat and have fun and  . . . I think we go to a wedding.  It seems a recurring dream of mine, going to weddings. Going to wedding with him.

Queen Anne

The house was surrounded  by a wild rose garden, full of color and the sound of bees and wind. The roses stood so tall and lush that I couldn’t see through them. The Queen Anne stood proud, but she needed and fresh coat of paint, nonetheless it looked beautiful.
I looked up at the blue skies and felt the wind in my face and the warmth of the sun, walking through the garden was like walking through a maze, rediscovering a familiar place. I noticed then that I was not alone, there were other following me . . . I don’t remember who they were.
I guided them to the front entrance, but the steps weren’t on the best of conditions, so we went around the house to the kitchen door,