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Dear you

Dear you in the darkness, dear you at the razors edge, dear you with the dying heart.

Hear me and head me, or maybe not. In calmness and stillness I draw the blood myself.

The blood that drips and drops and slithers through me and over me. Red, slippery, coppery.

Life so small, so bright so red . . . My heart beat taking me away.

I feel the death, I feel the sting, I feel the fear.


Blinding in the light, and darknes. I sit very still, waiting to die. But I don’t.

Dear darkmes, I can not feel your hand in my throat. Gasping for air as you tighten your grip.

I want the pain, I want the blood, I want the warmth of your self inside me.

Drip, drip, drip . . . Red and red and black mad sharp. How sharp? So sharp I won’t feel a thing.

But I will feel it. I am numb.

I slide the razor through my arm, a thin red line. A thin. Red line.

The pulse slowly, slowly and then. Them the warmth of death and Dear You, my darkness. My darkness with your tongue between my legs.



Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls.
Let us be reminded of  why we once feared the dark,
Drip, drip, drip goes the blood,
Exquisitely painful.
Drip, drip, drip . . . Then,
Slowly flowing.
The release the pain gives ( but whose?)
To give in and to feel its sharpness,
To give in. To let go.
Leo go, but in fear, to be free.
The freedom of the non-existence,
The redness of the blood,
The blood, the brightness, the redness,
And in the end . . . The sweetness of death and despair.

No poem

Inspiration escapes me,
The muse, frightened at the sight of me runs away,
I don’t know what to do,
I panic!
My poem is not a poem,
It’s just a thought.
Maybe sex,
Maybe love . . . No!
Maybe blood,
Maybe death . . . Yes!

The eternal night

I walk in the eternal night that is life,
I walk in the excruciating pain that is human existence,
I pause to breathe and I feel the rushing of blood through my veins
An alien feeling as it flows taking me irrevocably to my death.
Like a thousand needles exploding inside me,
I feel the heat burning me from the inside out,
Until I can’t take it anymore and I succumb to the abyss.
Is it death? Is it pleasure? Or am I just waking up.


I am in love and yet is too soon. I am confused and I’m sure he’s not.
Oblivious to my pain, I am sure, not a second thought I’m sure.
Who can blame him, from my lips the words came that my mind spoke and my heart resented.
I lay in wait. My heart screams.
A beast devours me from the inside out, as I cry and the pain pours out of me.
The fine blade I put to my soft skin, the sharp edge feels like a delicious torture.
Again and again the silver blade caresses my skin.
The redness, so vivid!
I follow the drops slide down my thigh. I put my finger to it, the viscosity peaks my curiosity.
The so, so sweat release of tension, the freedom of pain.

And then . . . The calm.