My grandmother’s visit

Last night my grandma came to visit me, which is quite amazing seeing how she passed away over a year ago. She came into my room and seeing that I was cold she pulled a blanket over me, it reminded me how wonderful is to have someone caring for you!

Thank you abue!

Getting robbed

Last night I dreamed that I was back in Spain, but unlike my usual Spanish dreams it was more of a nightmare. I was in one of the worst neighborhoods of my childhood, going to a party or maybe just to a bar, can’t really remember exactly.

On my way there a man with a gun robbed me, he came right to where I was and asked for all my money. Unfortunately for him I didn’t have any! So he took my purse with all its useless stuff (useless for him) and surprisingly I wasn’t scared. I was just angry because the dumb thief stole my purse for no reason at all, well not that he had a reason to steal from me to start with, but seeing that the stuff in my purse had little economic value seems a futile thing to steal.

At last I woke up and I was safe, safe from the anger of useless deeds.

Dreaming with my new apartment

I am thinking about buying  small town home, but since my budget is small my choices are limited. Just yesterday I was looking at one that was ideal for me, except for a small detail – it wasn’t finished. I checked it out and I concluded I could fix it up with some help and some paint, but I would have to bring an inspector to asses it before buying.

Obviously that thought remained in my mind when I went to sleep because my dreams were exactly about that. In my dream I was visiting the town home with an inspector and he was pointing out all the defects of the home. Room after room we went and he continued listing all the errors and repairs that needed to be done. The one detail I remember more clearly is the inspector pointing out that one of the low bearing walls had been modified and probably the ceiling would be coming crumbling down soon. Charming!

As you can imagine I will most certainly make sure that a thorough home inspection is done before I buy anything!

Work, work, work!

Work is so crazy lately that I even had a dream about it!

In my last night’s dream I was waiting for the bus to take me to work along with two of my coworkers. This of course was not out of the ordinary, except for a few details. Those details are as follows, the bus stop was located in southern Spain (at my home town), neither my co-workers nor I take the bus to work, we don’t even live at the same city, and our work site is not located in Spain.
The dream continued with a series of events – which I cannot remember, – that delayed our timely arrival to the office. In fact we never got to work . . .We walked, we talked and rode the bus until I woke up.

Dreaming with . . . Dani

We use to have sex on regular basis, when we were in college, and the first time I saw him – October 3rd, 1995 – I fell in love with him, love at first sight for the first time in my life. But such is life and we were not destined to be together, or in layman’s terms I got tired of waiting for him to decided if he wanted me enough to be in a relationship.

I have found another love, truer, sincere. I have built a life. And still, at night he haunts me in my dreams, he talks to me, he laughs as I remember he did . . . In my dreams he appears out of nowhere, he lingers in my waking to finally be gone by daylight. But at night, always, he’s there in my dreams.

In my dreams he drives a car, a red one, down a sunny street and I’m sitting there beside him wondering what am I doing with him, and where we’re going. But I keep quiet and just watch him drive, surprised that is daylight, surprised that he’s there, he instead of . . . him.

Dani. Why him? Why always? Why?

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