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The stars above the empty circle below. The alien voice inside me. No, I’m not schizophrenic it’s just Em, my . . .  roommate. She’s been there for a while, since that trip to Prince Edward Island to visit . . . who was it again? Well, it doesn’t matter.

I learned pretty fast not to talk about her, they would think I was schizophrenic. By they I mean everyone: mom, dad, grams, school, friends, doctors . . . Specially doctors. Imaginative child is ok, crazy, psychotic child not so much. Sometimes I wonder how her parasitic existence is affecting my thought processes or my brain development, after all she is attached to my brain.

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter now. She lives and so do I. I think I would miss her if she wasn’t there and she would miss me terribly, basically she would be dead.



The stars above

To the infinity of space, and she looks out through the glass wondering what she is. She is who she is, but what is she?
Introspection in space, the vacuum without mimics the vacuum within.