Black Mirror

Do you remember the Black Mirror episode White Christmas? The one with Jon Hamm in it. If you haven’t seen it I’m about to spoil the ending. Hamm’s character is convicted to a “free” life within society but condemned to live it in isolation. Due to artificial implants in everybody’s eyes his vision and everybody else’s is altered. As part of his sentence he sees others as gray figures and others see him as a red figure, living within society, coming and going freely but unable to truly interact with others.

Now my dream. In a society where technology is integrated within the human body my mother is a Luddite, therefore my eyes are just regular, non-technology integrated, human eyes. I can see everybody, I can see him. I do.

He is my neighbor I see him and I wave at him, I walk towards him with a smile, he seems surprised. – You can see me? – I looked at him, he is attractive, older than me maybe a few years.  – Of course, you are standing right in front of me. – I explain to him that I don’t have implants in my eyes, thanks to my mom, so I can see him fine.

We talk, we laugh, we go out to dinner and it doesn’t go well. People looks at us in a weird way, they can see he’s been sentenced, how do I recognize him? How can I even see him? In their small, well-trained minds they cannot see, because they cannot understand.

Days pass, not so much in isolation since now there is me to talk to. We are neighbors, we are friends and then we are lovers. – Are you not afraid of me? – He asks me one day in bed, while he holds me and run his hand through my hair. – I researched you. Dating advise gone wrong? You were selfish, chose to cover yourself instead of coming forth and maybe saving a life. You decided not to act. I don’t think you are actively dangerous to me, aggressive, you won’t harm me. Maybe simply not act. –

Days continue to pass and we continue to be in each other’s life. We seem happy together but I ask him (and myself) why is he with me? I know the answer, because there is nobody else. I am his entire world, but this doesn’t seem to bother him, he smiles and tells me – You can see me with more than your eyes. –



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