I won’t go

I won’t go, even though I want to more than breathing itself, I want to!

I won’t go because we are not dating, and because we are not dating you will feel the need to let me know that we are not. To let me know that you asked me out as a friend only, that you are not hinting at dating, that you are not interested in a serious relationship at this time or in dating me in the near future.

And you will say or do something hurtful to me and regret it later. You will say something unnecessary because I already know we are not dating, I am perfectly aware of it. After all, it has been my state of being for a while, the state of not dating you.

This is your pattern of behavior. You get close to me and then you pull away, and say it’s me when it’s really you. I don’t see you breaking this pattern so I will break mine. I always take every chance I have to be in your company, not because I want to date you but because you are my friend, and I don’t have many friends. I want to spend every moment I can in your company, there is a reason why I call you sunshine sometimes. But I won’t.

I won’t go when you ask me to. I won’t because we are not dating.


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