The most bizarre dream that I’ve had in a while . . . 

I was the proud owner of a one bedroom/one bath home in a small comunity. My home also had a small pool in front of it, the problem was none of the homes in the community were gated. So, when my car ride dropped me home people were swimming in my pool. (Why I got a car ride, from where exactly and from whom is a mystery, although the driver was a girl)

After a moment I recognized them as friends from college, but nonetheless it was slightly disturbing. 

College, I was attending college and if my mind serves me well I was taking two classes biochemistry and math.

Now to the weird part, I got home and into my bedroom to change into a bathing suit and when I tried to pull my panties down I simply couldn’t. I would pull them down my legs and they would immediately reappear in my thighs. I tried to take them off several times when I finally woke up.


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