B dreams

Today I had a three-part dream but B was in all of them.

People from my current office were in my dream, we were all in a big meeting room with a domed ceiling. It reminded me of the conference room in Corpus Christi that I went with Donnie. My supervisor wanted me to give a guided tour?

Then I came out into a courtyard full of students and full of light with my friends from university, Moi was there with one of his little girls and also my friend el Rubio. I remember hugging both of them.

In the third part of the dream I was in my old house in Spain, but the house was at the to pf a cliff or ravine. An old friend from school and a cousin with whom I don’t speak anymore where there. We were going to a concert and they were either going to wait fo rme to shower or meet me there after the concert, something like that.

In the middle of that I dreamed with B, he was telling me that he was going to New Zealand and I was lucky because i was going to take trips to Denver to see my friends. It was weird because he was smoking and he doesn’t smokes. He was talking o me in a whisper and so close to my ear.


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