[My?] Wedding

I’m not sure if it was day or night, I don’t think it was day time since I don’t remember the light of the sun or the sky. I was in a dining room with my father and I was wearing a wedding dress. The dress was very 50’s one of those bell-shaped dresses that reaches right below the knee, with a lot of lace. I looked around and saw my father was dressed nearly totally in black and that all his team members from work were there. I got angry, it was my wedding day and he hadn’t taken time off work.

We argued about it and started walking towards a door at the other side of the room. I don’t remember who opened the door but suddenly we were at the other side. I was a big room but it felt crowded, full of round tables and people fancily dressed, looking up at me and smiling. I looked around and found my husband, it seemed that we had already been married.

At the table to my immediate left it sat my husband, to my surprise it was A., who of course is not my husband or my anything, well he’s a co-worker. Certainly I do not wish to marry him! But there he was nonetheless, with a wedding suit on and a smile. Then people started changing “Kiss, kiss, kiss!” I walked towards him and stood beside him, I looked down as he laughed and refused to kiss me with me. I kissed his forehead and woke up.


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