Sunscreen and smiles

In my dream all my worlds meshed together. My childhood home, with my grandfather still alive, my Rapid City home, strangely the downstairs bathroom was the main stage for it and finally my mother’s antique kitchen table. Past, present and various locations.

I was laying on my stomach on the floor of the bathroom reading work training material when he came in. He smiled and told me he was going to a day care located at some Hill Country town out there in the middle of nowhere Texas. I was on my pjs and now that I think about it, it would be a physical impossibility for me to be able to lay flat on my stomach in that bathroom. I got up, looked at him, his hair was closely cropped, his eyes were rimmed in red and he was covered in white creamy sunscreen. He smiled at me from behind those read eyes and white face, it was kid of funny and disturbing at the same time. Then he disappeared.

I came out into the hallway of my Spanish childhood home to see my grandfather moving into the spare bedroom my mother’s antique kitchen table. He told me not to touch it. He looked young, with black hair and those 80’s rimmed glasses of his.

Then I woke up and thought of B.

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