Kissing B

I had two dreams tonight. It was weird because when I woke up from the first dream I didn’t want to go back to sleep, I just wanted to keep that memory fresh and alive.

He was teaching me to skateboard, we were out in the sun, laughing as I tried to stay on it. I looked down at my feet and I step on to the board, I extended my arms  and he hold my hand as I propelled myself forward. Well, forward and downward. As I fell he grab me and we both went down laughing.

We sat in the shade with our backs on a concrete wall from the skate park. I lay my head on his shoulder and looked up, we kissed. It was a slow kiss, our lips softly touching, with our eyes closed and  . . .just staying like that.

In the second dream there were four of us, all friends, and we were somewhere in South America. I don’t know how I knew where we were, but I just did. I remember the sun, and the texture  of the clay under my bare feet, and most of all I remember his smile and his hand pulling my arm towards him.

And we kissed, a kiss with a smile and a laugh and our eyes open.


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