Me: I don’t know what is going on with him, he may not be actually flirting. I’m not sure. Maybe not.
Mom: So . . . What happened?
Me: Well, I send this group e-mail for an event to friends at work, and usually people just respond to the entire group, but he didn’t.  He responded only to me and then he said he couldn’t make it and maybe grab drinks after work some other time.
Mom: [sounding desperate] So!?
Me: Well, did he mean only us, or it was meant for everybody . . .?
Mom: [Sounding  more desperate] You’re over-analyzing
Me: Well, but sometimes he is so quiet, in a way . . . He doesn’t mention personal things at work, not that it was really personal, but . . .
Mom: [Sounding amused and ironic] Oh, well he’s just like you then. A private person.
Me: [Thinking] I’m totally fucked!


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