More and more blue dreams

I was in the office surrounded by coworkers, the ambiance was that of a classroom environment. He was there with his red, plaid jacket and he was much taller than he really is. He approach me shyly and asked me if I wanted to go with him to an engagement, a dance maybe? I can’t remember. But I do remember his shy smile and the awkwardness between us and the hug he gave me at the end.
The hug. His embrace. His arms around me. The feel of his body, his warmth, his breathing and the beating of his heart.
The other he was also there, and he talked to me I don’t remember exactly what he said. After that, he came to ask me if Is till wanted to go with him, since he had saw us talking. I still wanted to go, if he still wanted me to. He smiles and we laugh.
Then came the second hug.


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