More Weird Dreams

In my first dream my sister was dead, but I had a second sister younger still. Her name was Elena and she looked exactly like my recently dream-deceased one.
In my second dream I was a fairy flying through a Victorian house full of wood paneling and winding stairs. It was Christmas night and everything was quiet and dark, like in a children’s book. Only the tree was alight.
In my third dream it was a dark night. A girl wanted to kill me and there was a moped chase through the streets of a housing area. I called the cops and learned how to fire a gun.
In my fourth dream he was there. We were in the yard of a house and he had a water hose in his hand. There were others there and he soaked everybody with it. I looked at him and said “Look at you, impecable as always. Impervious to water.” He smiled and walked mw home.


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