I dreamed of him. Even though I didn’t want to. I dreamed of him years later, 8 maybe 10 years later, oddly he looks exactly the same as then. Or is it now? And I am just dreaming of the future? He stands by me and looks at the blonde, blue eyed boy who is just like him. Why didn’t you say? He asked. And I don’t know why, maybe I wanted to protect his youth, maybe I wanted to keep secret that part of him that belonged to me. But no part of him ever belonged to me. The boy is his son, the boy is my son. We are forever attached through him, but he is not mine and never has been, I do not want to be attach to him if I cannot have him. But there is the boy.


To dream of a son that you don’t have represents an emotional investment or hope for the future in a situation where you are dominant, assertive, or insensitive. Determined protective feelings. Doing everything you can to maintain control over a situation. Being stuck with a decision where you have a leading or controlling stake. Deciding to assert yourself or be aggressive and now living with the consequences or responsibility of that decision. A developing masculine aspect of your personality or life.

To see that you have a son in your dream symbolizes that your financial expectation which seems like impossible will come true.


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