I have been thinking

I met someone somewhere, and he tried in all the wrong ways. Or maybe he tried all the right ways but for the wrong reason, I prefer to think that he tried for the right reason the wrong way. I have been thinking about him and wondering if he’s been thinking about me, again, somehow I believe he has not been thinking about me, but it would be nice if he had. Mainly I think this because I think and thought he wanted only sex. But it would be nice if he wanted something more.

Now, I met him and didn’t play along, I don’t regret it but I wish he was one to want something different and try harder. I know I am worth trying harder but somehow not all men get this (?). Now, I have been wondering many other things, maybe he googles himself, that would be actually hilarious! And maybe I will google him and see what comes up, or look him up on Facebook or . . . Maybe I will stalk him on-line – Which will be really creepy, but now I’m really tempted. In fact,  I am going to do that right noe.

[ . . . . . . . . . . . . . ]

Oooohhhh! I just saw a picture of him and his dog. Oh fuck it! I’m human and I’m curious. Also, he is cute 😉


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