I saw you

I saw you today. Did you see me? I am sure it was you though your head was buried in your cellphone. It was you, wearng jeans and a light blue shirt, and a green hat (like a baseball hat but not really).
I did a double take, it has been over ayear I think. But it was you with your dreadlocks in a ponytail (or something like it) and boots not cowboy boots.
Your image is seared in my mind. I saw you, then I felt weird. I remembered how you smell, like cocoa butter, and then for some reason I was very concious that I was wearing a dress and my legs were showing.
Isn’t that ridiculous!?
Do you want to know something curious? I don’t believe in God, but this morning while I was driving to Angela’s I said a prayer, well it was more like a plea to heal my confused soul since I was thinking about both of you and it went something like this “[God] Please send me a sign, any sign I know that something big is unreasonable, just something small, anything . . . That is if you are really out there”
Then, I saw you.
And now I don’t know what to do.
Like nearly always


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