Ex-mother in law

My ex-mother in law and I didn’t get along. In fact the more I love Donnie the more she hated me. Finally, and unfortunately we got separated and divorced over a year ago, but even though my ex and I have moved on with our lives separately, she is unable to. She has been stalking me on the internet for quite a while now. She started by e-mailing me to an old e-mail address, following with a LinkedIn contact request and I suspect a couple fake accounts Facebook requests. And, to my distress she has, somehow, discovered that I am the author of this blog and has taken to leave me harassing comments – which I spam immediately. – The last straw came in last night when she took to calling me and not answering/remaining silent as soon as I pick up the phone.

I am sure she will read this post, as she has read others before it and I am expecting a harassing comment on this one, so I have made a determination if she – you, yes because I know you’re reading – harasses me one more time I will report all the incidents to the police along with name, address, phone number.

To  you, my ex mother stop all harassing behavior towards me.


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