Bad Breath

Last night I had a very strange dream, a dream I don’t remember ever having before.

Initially I was on a boat with a small group of people and we seemed to be touring the ship, it was one of those big yath-type ships. There was someone, a man that I feel I must have known but whose face I cannot remember right now. At the end of the dream, at the very end, I was sitting on a hammock underneath a wooden porch-like structure and falling asleep. My most vivid memory of the dream was the fact that I had bad breath.

Now, this was so . . . well, weird that I had to google it! This is what I found:

Dreaming of bad breath indicates a fear of intimacy or getting any closer to a particular person or situation. To dream that you are the one with bad breath indicates that you are holding back out of fear.


Dream dictionary definition for bad breath:  Dreaming that you or another dream character has bad breath could indicate a desire to keep your distance from others.  You do not want to get too close to other people and do not want them to be too close to you.  This could indicate feelings of vulnerability.    You may have a tendency to push people away from you in order to avoid intimacy, closeness, or connection.


Well, I’d have to think about this.


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