Dreams and more dreams

The dreams I dream who knows what they mean . . .
Three days ago my great grandmother Adelaide came to me in a dream and told me to go home. Her exact words were: What the hell are you doing there!? Come back home immediately!! My abuelita chica was not one to mince words, she was a survivor, if she’s coming back to me after 16 years  . . . from wherever it is that we go after this life is over, it must be pretty important. Although I’m not sure if she was talking about Texas or Spain.

Two days ago I was killed at my house because someone else needed it. I was a ghost in my own house.

A day ago I was in your arms.

Who knows what the dreams I dream mean. Maybe nothing or maybe everything. Or maybe they are just wishful thinking since I miss my abuelita, and I miss home and I miss you.


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