To keep in touch

Where to start so that it makes sense? But then again it doesn’t have to . . .

To  be in touch

Like a searing fire running through me, running over me, like pain that is pleasure. Like that.
Like a melody so mournful that touches every fiber of my being, until I weep helplessly. Like that.
Like a wave that pulls me under and under, I feel the pressure, the fear. But also the ecstasy of silence. Like that.

To say hi

I feel my heart pumping so hard the blood rushes through me, I can’t hear, I can’t see. I only feel.
I feel my skin on edge, a scream dies in my throat, the yearning, the need, I can’t hardly breathe.

I feel like saying nothing.
I feel like saying “Go fuck yourself!”
I want to say I want someone  who really wants me.


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