The Pet of my Heart

Never was a farewell so brief,
Never, I believed it would be final,
Never did I love so in all my life.
A lost cause, he was.
I won’t deny it, a pet of my heart.
Never I suffer my soul to belong,
No faith, no path,
Forever roaming, searching but not finding,
Until I saw in front of me he for whom I would die,
But I can’t belong.
Can you change the lines in your hands?

This poem was inspired initially by one man but as I wrote it my thoughts drifted, naturally it seemed, to another man. The first man . . . Our farewell was brief and I never believed our romance would be so short lived, but the second man . . . The second man was the one for whom I would die, if he would let me. He was the lost cause, the pet of my heart and the one I drown myself in knowing there would be no coming back, not without a broken heart anyways.


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