Dreaming with Lee Ingleby

Lee InglebyI have been watching too much Netflix lately, in fact I’ve been watching too much George Gently. So much so, that for two nights in a row I have been dreaming with actor Lee Ingleby. I can’t say I’m entirely surprise since I have been watching episode after episode non stop until there were no more episodes available. – Yeah, I’m a bit obsessive . . .  And for some weird reason Netflix kept asking me if I was still watching? –

This Netflix overstimulation coupled with the fact that my love life is . . . well, coupled with the fact that my love life is not, resulted in a few steamy dreams with actor Lee Ingleby. Now, I wouldn’t have said or rather I would have said that he was not my type but clearly my subconscious disagrees. On second thought . . . Those blue eyes are like the infinite sea, my Atlantic, to be with him would be to be home.

Of course it was all a dream and nothing more, and a strange one for that. Full of half said whispers and half heard words in the middle of sighs and . . . and . . . the sounds of sex. Now, it would have been more poetic if I had said the sounds of love, but in truth it was a  sex dream in the bathroom floor.

With those blue eyes looking directly at me. Having sex within the infinite force of the Atlantic ocean.


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