Things that I can do nomore

  1. I cannot watch Inspector Lewis or Midsummer Murders anymore
  2. I can’t go into a  T.J. Maxx without tearing up
  3. Jurassic Park has been completely spoiled for me
  4. There is no hiking for me, I may not set foot on a national forest or state park anymore
  5. Christmas Day has been utterly destroyed
  6. Now no one can run his hands through my hair, it would send shivers down my spine
  7. I will not play Go anymore
  8. Lincoln and Child, I will not read them anymore
  9. Pancakes for breakfast make me throw up
  10. I can’t bear anybody making coffee for me
  11. I  feel the need to destroy all malachite in the world

These are some of the things you have stolen from me. These are some of the thing you have left me without.
You have left me without the solace of company for my sleepless nights, my nightmares are now all alone. The stressed heartbeat in my chest goes now unattended, my secret smile remains a secret forever more. I cook not, who would eat my meals anyways? There are no more Sundays at the swimming pool, or coffee and cake at the library, no walking hand in hand, no cutting off your hair and no singing The Beatles in the car, no road trips, no take out on Fridays.

Nowhere to lay my head.


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