Today I had a dream, a dream about Donnie, Dani and Spain.

In the first part of my dream I was riding a train, a train full of people who weren’t allowed to leave. There was a moment in which one of the doors open, I can’t remember why, I could feel the fresh air coming in and I couldn’t resist I run. I jumped out of the train and run and found myself in a deserted housing area, I remember the bright emerald green of a park’s lawn and houses and  . . .  maybe swings. There were other but they didn’t run, they stayed and as I run and was pursued I screamed for other to run for freedom but nobody came. I was left alone, but free.

On the second part of my trip I was in a very modern Spanish train station with an HEB reusable bad full of belongings. I boarded the train leaving my bag behind, and I had to run back from the next station to retrieve it. When I arrives the bag was still there, it had been searched but none of my belonging had been taken.

The third and most painful part of my dream I was in Spain and I think it was Canaval because it was night and the streets were full of people  dressed up and partying. Donnie came to look for me and took me out. We danced and laugh and enjoyed each other so much that it seemed that nothing had happened. We rode the number 35 bus back to my grandmother’s house the next morning. On the ride back Donnie and I talked about where we would go from. He sais “I am happy I divorced you, it just that I get lonely sometimes”. After this I got off the bus and he remained on. At the bus stop, in Goya St Dani was waiting for me as he greeted me he said ” I was expecting you but not him”. I looked back an saw Donnie leaving in the bus.


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