Bus rider

Today on my trip; back home from work a very shady character entered the bus through the back door without paying. He looked quite bad, a drug addict, or at least on drugs. Of course he sat beside me. Of course . . .
He then proceeded to make small talk, pleasant even, but the truth is that I’d rather not been talking to him. I responded smiling and pleasantly, I suppressed my judgmental self as mush as possible and then . . . He surprised me with a most witty remark, and when I looked at him I recognized an akin sense of humor.

Yes, we must not judge. Mother Nature, God, The Universe or  whatever or whomever you believed in always lets us know not to be so awfully high and mighty.

“When I see everybody with their noses on the cellphones, not talking to other human beings or even responding I call it the zombie apocalypse.”

That was pretty good.


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