Faith, more specifically the lack of faith is a heavy burden in the human soul. I do not have faith but I do believe in the human soul, or if you prefer on our own humanity. That which separates us, if only slightly from animals, but just.
I am a skeptic, I am also educated and intelligent, but my skepticism traces back to my childhood. I do remember the moment with infinite clarity, standing there at age 8 looking at my reversed self in my grandmother’s mirror. I looked at myself and thought I will die and there is nothing afterwards, the end, nothingness. Then I cried.
It does weight on me sometimes the inevitability of it all, the meaningless life that we lead and that ends inescapably in absolute oblivion.
On the other hand it pushes one to keep living, to actually live every moment, before it’s too late. And also it leads to question ones choices and paths Did I chose wisely? Did I make the most of it? Because there is no “do over”, sorry


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