Dani in my dreams

Last night I dreamed of Dani again, for the second night in a row. Not quite sure why since I’m trying to flush him out of my thoughts. Maybe exactly because of it, trying not to think about him I cannot get him out of my mind.

In my dream we were having sex, quite good actually,I was surprised and a bit confused. Confused because in my dream Dani and Steve fused together, but just for a moment when I was feeling his weight on me. I had the thought that Dani was smaller, shorter and then, I looked at him and it wasn’t Dani, it was Steve. But just for a few seconds then, he turned his head and when I put my hands through his hair, it was Dani again. In a moment he felt different somehow, he was someone else or maybe I wanted him to be someone else.

The dream ended and I woke up. Not quite sure what the dream was about, really.


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