Where we all come from

Dusk is falling. The sky is darkening. Deep dark black-blue covers the night sky.
I look at the horizon over the sea. Pink, orange, yellow. Like neon lights the colors stand out in the night.
They’re so bright, so unusual . . .
I feel the sand under my feet but I cannot hear the surf.

I am alone in a huge empty expanse of white sand, with the ocean in front of me. Dark, silent, immense.

I walk and run along the shore, through the water. I am filled with joy, so much so that I’m laughing and I don’t know why.  Then I notice I am wearing my tennis shoes, the blue NB ones I had when I attended Black Hills State. I loved those shoes! Wore them until they had holes, literally.

I am wearing them now. I run through the water with them, they’re soaked, and so are my white socks and my feet, but keep running through the water.


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