Two kisses

I see only darkness, is all blackness . . . No, not all. I can see some light there at then end. But at the end of what? I see it now, it’s your face. Is it you? What are you doing here?
I look around but I see nothing else, no one else, only blackness and in the middle of it a faint ray of moonlight, you.

I walk towards you, my steps don’t make a sound, my breathing doesn’t make a sound is all silence except my heart. My heart is . . . dreaming. I stand beside you, just now I become aware that I stand as I did that morning at your house. We kiss. Not twice but two kisses. Two kisses, that is not the same as kissing twice.

The gypsies believe that to dream of exchanging a kiss means that a quarrel will be over soon. I believe I dreamed of kissing you because I want to kiss you.


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