Strange Dreams

Strange dreams.

It was a Christmas celebration in Casper, WY. The weather was as warm as a summer day in southern Spain and the house was close to the sea. Yes, it was a dream. There were a lot of people gathered together at the house, family friends, long since deceased relatives and ex’s.

I was quite upset since my ex husband was present with all his close family members (included his deceased father). I wasn’t sure how he came to be at the house, I had certainly not invited him.

I was so upset I left the party with a friend, a male friend with light brown hair. I never saw his face but I remember that we talked animatedly as we walk down the street.

The scenery suddenly changed and from a suburban American housing area it turned into a cobblestone narrow and sunny street of a southern Spain’s coastal town.

I remember approaching the sea and catching a glimpse of it as we walked through the narrow streets. The sun reflected on it’s surface, rich with green and blue. I heard the seagulls cry, although I have no memories of such cries from my childhood in Spain.

The dream changed and I was in South Dakota, in a big and fairly empty wooden house. I lived there with Bruce. He was naked except for an apron, he was standing at the kitchen sink.

I walked towards him but for some reason I changed my mind and walked away. I stopped to look out the window when I felt him behind me.

He walked slowly towards me and pressed himself against my back. I felt his hands slide round my waist and his naked thighs. I put my hands on them and as always, I was surprised of how soft his skin was and how firm his legs.

Strange dreams.


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