Saying Good-bye

Last night I dreamed of you, Steve, as a way of saying good-bye to you.

I dreamed we were at my grandmother’s house in southern Spain. The dream started with me arriving by car at her front door. As I stepped out I saw and old friend and one of my Spanish cousins  standing beside a car, also parked at the front door.

I walk passed them, greeted my friend but not my cousin and keep walking the perimeter of the house. Then, I was inside my grandmother’s living room and you were there. First we tried to make out on  sofa, the room looked exactly as it did when she was alive, it didn’t go quite right. The kissing wasn’t as good as in real life, or as good as I remember it was in real life.

Then we stood up, you smiled and said My girlfriend or whatever and you kissed me and it was good.

The gypsies believe that to dream of exchanging a kiss means that a quarrel will be over soon. I believe we kissed because I want us to kiss and I want you, Steve, to want to be with me. Reality alas, has other plans, and I will not see you again I’m afraid.

Life is an obstacle course, I continue on.


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