I wonder . . .

I wonder, as I always do, what other people do (that, by the way was an unintended rhyme). Sometimes, I wonder what people in general do, other times what specific persons do under certain circumstances or at certain times.
I wonder if other people are as addicted to Facebook as I am, although that seems a mute question really . . . I also wonder if other people wonder about why, o why,  the second (per release time) StarWars Trilogy was so awful! I suspect this doesn’t require wondering either, but I wonder.

I wonder if people read The Nerdist during work hours, or if they prefer CNN.
I wonder if people are overcome by bliss when they come across the rare find that is a Dark Chocolate Resses.
I wonder if people had to re-read the death of Dobby in Harry Potter several times, as I did.
Can people identify the following quote “You killed my father, prepare to die!” I wonder . . .
I wonder how much snow Denver gets in winter, really, not what Wikipedia says it gets.

Lastly, today, I wonder if the universe’s serendipity will bring a certain reader to my blog.


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