How soon I forgot

How soon I forgot what I already knew.
That he was a total ass and a big one too!

I hoped to see him learning from,
the years of pain and sorrow-full,
I hoped to share a smile or two,
I hoped to see his soul grow too.

But all I saw, and all I felt was his old self.

His drunkenness, his thoughtless words, his wife and children enablers too!

They make excuses, they cover up, they lie and lie to save his face,
But to this day,
They don’t understand his face is fine but his heart is gone,
What of a man with no heart, what with a man with no soul,
What with a man who never takes responsibility?

Such a man, such a lost soul, such an empty shell, such a wretch,
Such a man is my father.

I have no father.


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