Dreaming of Steve

I made a decision to not initiate contact with Steve anymore, yet my subconscious mind needs more time to adjust to my decision.

Last night I dreamed with Steve. We were in Spain at my grandmother’s house, my friend Kate was also there. I was a sunny, bright summer day and we were sitting on the living room with the porch doors open. I have the feeling there might have been more people at the house, but I can’t say for sure.

Steve grab me by the hand and took me outside, and then we kissed.

Then I was alone in an orchard. The soil was dry and medium dark brown and the trees were quite strange. Each tree had two trunks, and each trunk was from a different type of tree but they were both connected. Both trunks growing side by side, so close that they were one, and belonging to the same tree. In each of the trees one trunk looked healthy and the other not so much.
There were lemon trees and other fruit bearing trees, but I remember particularly an apple/pomegranate tree. The apple side was not the most healthy looking although it was bearing apples that looked good. The pomegranate side was healthy and the fruits were big and bright red.


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