Things that I would say to you

The list of things that I would like to say to you keeps increasing:

1.Why you never call or text? Or you do it so seldom? And why do you go silent so suddenly when we’re texting and you never say “I have to go, sorry we’ll talk later” or similar?

2.I told you I thought remaining friends would be a good idea and you agreed, did you really agreed or you said what you thought I wanted to hear?

3.Did you understood my “let’s just be friends” as my way of rejecting you? Because to me it means that I leave our relationship open to developing and evolving into something else, something more.
For me friendship means possibilities, what does it mean to you?

4.And finally, when you don’t respond to my texts and I get silence, when you don’t call (or Skype) when you say you will, when you say things like “Cleaning took longer than anticipated” and “I wanted to talk to you tonight but I have work to do” are you bullshitting me? Because, seriously, cleaning!? OR are you just playing with me? You don’t want to give me false hope? You don’t want to give yourself false hope? Are you playing hardtop get or what is going through your mind?

I believe a clarification is in order, I’m not sure what it is you think I want from you, or what you think I’m after you for but I’m afraid you may be making assumptions and you may be mistaken. For that matter I may be making assumptions at this very moment.
I want your friendship, through open and true communication, on regular basis if that would be possible.

Aliluna's Blog

  1. I applied for a job in Denver, CO. We would be closer, of course that didn’t factor in my decision making. It would be a plus if I decide to take it and if they offer me the position.
    Of course I would be lying. Why would I take a job in the mid-west if it wasn’t for you?
  2. Was it real? Were you really cleaning and the day just went by or did you do it on purpose? To keep me waiting, to be arrogant. Because it hurt.
  3. I forgot a millions thoughts I had about you already, I have a million more to replace them.
  4. I remember your car, and the rain in the windshield and the way you kissed my nose.
  5. I can’t forget you. I try everyday.
  6. I am much more into you than you are into me. I know because I count the days in…

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