Dreaming with Bruce (Now!?)

I had a dream last night and Bruce was in it. He hasn’t been on my mind of late and I was surprised – maybe my dream was just wishful thinking or . . . I’m not sure.

I didn’t know I was dreaming, not at first. The world seemed somehow static, heavier, with a strange feeling of stillness I didn’t know at first it was a dream.
I was in my bedroom, in my bed as it was late at night then the cell phone rang and woke me up. I fumble in the dark to turn my night light on and grab the cell phone.

Hello? My voice sounded heavy with sleep. Hello . . . Came his deep voice, uncertain and husky. I asked him why he was calling me and if he was drunk, he answered  . . .I don’t quite remember what he said but he as most definitely drunk.

Thinking of Bruce. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time, I just know what I was feeling and it was the feeling of getting a second chance, but then it was a second chance for him not for me. And he let it go.



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